Can I display two county level indicators at the same time?

For tables and graphs, only one county level indicator can be viewed at one time. On the Map, you can view more than one indicator at a time. For best results, choose indicators that use different display formats such as thematic and dot density.

Where do I find more information about data sources?

Data sources are displayed by hovering over the individual indicator options within a specific topic page.

Can I display data from multiple topics in the same table or on the same map?

For tables and graphs, data from only one topic can be displayed. The Master Map allows data to be viewed from multiple topics.

Can I print tables, graphs and maps?

Yes, that option is available for each.

Can I display 3 indicators on the same map?

Yes. See the Help tab for quick “How To Navigate” examples to show how to display data on a map.

Can I use your maps and tables for other projects?

Yes. Please be sure to properly attribute the data to the original source and Measuring Communities.

Example: Data retrieved from www.measuringcommunities.org

Can I download data from the table I created?

Yes. You can download the table you created or the entire table. Buttons on the bottom of the table provide access.

Can I download data from the map I created?

Yes. At the bottom of each map is a small arrow which when clicked expands the attribute table. From the Options tab you can select to download the data into a CSV file. 

I would like to download all of the data available for a specific indicator such as all available information on veteran treatment courts. Is this possible?

Not at this time. Data can be downloaded by state but not larger geographical areas.

How often will the data be updated?

Each data source is updated based on when the data is published by the source. Most indictors are updated yearly. Date ranges are listed in the definition of each indicator.

Can I get data from previous years to show change over time?

Many indicators have data from previous years. See the indicators definition to see if the indicator you are interested in has historical data.

Can I customize my county or state snapshot?

Snapshots are a standardized report and are not able to be customized at this time.

Can I save the snapshot as a PDF?

Yes. On your printer change your printer option to PDF. Then save the PDF to your desktop or folder of your choice.